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PYO Apples
PYO Apples

At Pick-Your-Own, we accept Cash, Checks, and Credit Cards.

Unfortunately, due to health regulations, Dogs aren't allowed in the picking rows.

Apple Trees Apple Trees Apple Trees
Descriptions of the 19 Apple Varieties we offer for our Pick-Your-Own:

Baldwin Heirloom variety. Sweet and juicy. This crisp apple is a desirable variety for pies. Late variety.

Cortland Crisp, pure white flesh resists browning when cut. Juicy and Tart tangy flavor. Dessert quality. Excellent for eating out of hand, cooking, and cider. Less aromatic than MacIntosh. Very good in salads.

Empire MacIntosh x Red Delicious. MacIntosh type with better flavor and color. Creamy and Juicy. Resists bruising. High dessert quality.

Fuji Crisp, juicy with outstanding texture. Late variety.

Gala Firm, juicy, fine textured, yellow white flesh. Sweet slightly tart flavor. For folks with a sweet tooth, Gala is the best!

Golden Delicious Firm, crisp, sweet, juicy, flavorful flesh. High quality all purpose apple.

Granny Smith A good quality tart-flavored apple. Keeps well.

Honey Crisp Best described as explosively crisp. A cross between Macoun and Honeygold. Excellent eating apple.

Jonagold Crisp Fruit - both juice and aromatic, but also a sweet-sour taste. Good for Sauce, Pies, and Salads.

Jonamac Mildly aromatic sweet flavor. A crisp and juicy flesh which is excellent for eating or sauce.

MacIntosh Crisp, juicy, spicy, tart, excellent cider, highly aromatic.

Macoun Firm, aromatic, all-purpose high quality dessert apple. Super crisp, sweet, juicy, mild flavor; tart and aromatic.

Mutsu also called Crispin, is sweet, firm and crisp. It is good for sauce, pies, and fresh eating.

Northern Spy Heirloom variety. Tangy, robust, juicy, and firm. Late variety.

Pink Lady New pink fruit with hard white flesh. Snappy and sweet.

Red Delicious Crisp, juicy, mildly sweet.

Rome Extremely hard and crunchy. Great for cooking and eating. Late variety.

SnowSweet Sweet taste with a slightly tart balance. Slow to brown which makes it great in salads or simply sliced.

Spencer MacIntosh x Golden Delicious. Very sweet with crisp juicy flesh. Fine flavor. Excellent eating quality and great for desserts.

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